Does Diversifying James Bond Serve the Franchise?

Connery (left), Brosnan, Craig

The release of No Time to Die is due soon (despite the various delays) and what with this being Daniel Craig’s last outing there has been much speculation on the next James Bond to fill Craig’s tuxedo.

While rumors of a female or black Bond had surfaced all the way back to Brosnan’s era, it is worth asking if this change is in line with the characterization of Bond or simply pandering to society?

Ian Fleming created the character of Bond in 1952 as a means of coping with his first marriage and…

18th March 1990 — Boston, New England


In the early 90s, the renowned art museum the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was targeted in an audacious theft to rival anything Hollywood can conjure up. Two thieves managed to gain entry to the museum by posing as police officers and make off with a haul valued at $500 million including Rembrandt’s masterpiece The Storm on the Sea of Galilee.

To date, it is not only the most notorious art theft on record but it also unsolved and has a staggering reward in the millions for information that will lead to recovering some…

This case aired on an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” on February 17 1995.

It was also featured on America’s Most Wanted.

The victims and the missing

This tragedy occurred over the Christmas period in Texas twenty-seven years ago.

Chance Wackerhagen (nine-years-old at the time) lived in Kingsville, Texas with his mother Gaye Williams. Chance’s father, Lee “Dub” Wackerhagen separated from Chance’s mother and residing in Lockhart, Texas with Latricia White — a local nurse and a recently divorced mother of two.

Over the Christmas period of that year — Chance would stay with Latricia and his father Dub — leaving his mother on the 17…

Just two months before The Beatles released ‘Love Me Do’, their first single, the line-up changed to make way for a new drummer.

Ringo Starr replaced Pete Best, and the rest is well… you know the rest….

Pete Best is now synonymous with those people that are set aside before the wave of fame, glory and riches really take hold and there are multiple examples of the ‘nearly men’ that (for one reason or another) just missed out on being a part of history.

Paul, Pete, George and John

So, how would you cope with being a Pete Best?

Pete Best could easily be labelled…


Like most people, you’ve no doubt been entranced by the idea of the Bermuda Triangle since childhood. A small region in the world where people simply vanish without a trace and with no explanation. The Bermuda Triangle is a fascinating piece of mythology that has captured the world’s imagination for a lifetime and entered the common lexicon.

But the reality is that more people go missing in the Alaska Triangle than the Bermuda Triangle…

Perhaps not surprising given that Alaska has America’s most unforgiving wilderness. But the figures are simply jaw dropping. Over 16,000 people have gone missing, without a…

A killer dressed as a clown? This can only be the warped imaginings of Stephen King surely? Or a new horror film about Killer Clowns from Outer Space? Or a Batman villain on the rampage?


The idea of a killer clown wasn’t solely the idea of Stephen King but a much darker reality. This is the true story of a children’s party clown called Pogo and a serial killer named John Wayne Gacy.

Clowns have a long history of making us laugh, dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt and featuring in many cultural milestones – from Shakespeare to…

The first American female serial killer Lizzie Halliday


A cross-continental homicidal lunatic with a range of nefarious pseudonyms. Lizzie Halliday was the Catskill Ripper, the New York Ripper and most famously the Worst Woman on Earth [New York Times].

Halliday was born as Lizzie McNally in 1859 Ireland, born just a year before her namesake Lizzie Borden, she would go on to commit far worse crimes than the original Lizzie and garner less fame and attention. This is the story of the Irish American serial killer Lizzie Halliday.

Lizzie terrorized Hudson Valley, New York in the 1890s; just a few…


The fictional world of espionage will often depict James Bond or Jason Bourne fighting off a gang of hulking goons before scaling a skyscraper and then driving a sports car off a bridge — their downtime will consist of lavish drinks and beautiful women.

The reality is something far more subversive and far more mundane. Real-life spying requires a patience and slow exacting nature that is far removed from explosions and fist fights. Spying after all is a dirty trade of dirty lies and dirty secrets, Bond creator Ian Fleming said so himself.

This is the story of Ana Montes…

I’m English and we call them a cafeteria. But this has one of those truck-stop American vibes that you see in the movies (hell, I’d never even been to America) and everybody has trans-Atlantic accents. I hear the mumbled chat.

The bikers were piling in, the waitresses chewed gum, the truckers wore those targeted T-Shirts that said how badass they are.

I thought I was just turning off an A-Road from London and here I am in a diner in what felt like the middle of nowhere. …


I am a mystery/true crime writer predominantly. However, I am a student of the world! A “writer” in self-training anyway… I hope you like my posts.

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